Decontamination Showers and Tents

Decontamination Showers

In order to protect HAZMAT teams after a demanding intervention, we manufacture decontamination showers for cleaning and decontamination, both of which are the result of joint development. They are known for their quick set-up. A simple yet complete decontamination station can be built in a matter of minutes at the exit of a danger zone to protect the responders as well as the surrounding environment. The portfolio includes several sizes and options of special and universal showers.

Decontamination Tents

We offer solutions for CBRN hazards in the form of inflatable decontamination tents needed in emergencies where more people are affected – either professional rescuers or the general population. Tents are designed with detachable corridors, where gear is removed, decontamination takes place and the final decontamination check linked to dressing can occur. Naturally, a functional system for easier decontamination of injured or immobile persons is offered.

Special Units

Thanks to our R&D team, we are able to prepare special decontamination stations or isolation units exactly according to your requests. A biolaboratory, a unit with transition chambers, a decontamination system for specific hazards, decontamination of persons with virulent disease placed in an isolation pod, a decontamination system with separate areas for staff or special transition chambers in case of overpressure units.

Decontamination Accessories

We are also able to equip each individual decontamination shower, tent or unit with functional accessories, thereby creating a unique and reliable decontamination arrangement – tanks for clean and contaminated water, grates to prevent contact with contaminated water, pumps, detergent mixers, electrical wiring including lighting for tents, tools for injured or immobile patients, decontamination rings for basic cleaning, etc.

Decontamination Pools

A decontamination pool is a basic piece of decontamination equipment for chemical units. The pool can be inflated easily with the help of a pressure cylinder, making a durable collection bath ready for basic decontamination within a few seconds. This eliminates the need for emergency decontamination solutions or improvisation in the field, allowing the unit to fully focus on the intervention.

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