Rubber Compounds
Coated Fabrics

A key production segment and one of the GUMOTEX Group’s strongest financial pillars since 1950.

The material base of our most popular products – inflatable mattresses, boats, rescue systems.

Extensive portfolio of technologies and products, with a wide range of possible applications.

Our R&D team guarantees the successful commercialization of individually designed solutions.

Rubber Compounds

We produce more than 200 different types of rubber compounds in a wide range of colors and shades. Thanks to our top R&D and technical team, we offer the production of tailor- made rubber compounds with properties that the customer requests. GUMOTEX compounds are the basis for the production of car mats, sealing elements, industrial products or transport applications. We process various kinds of elastomers, especially NR, SBR, NBR, CR, HR, CSM, EPDM.

Coated Fabrics

We use a wide range of technologies and extensive know-how in the application of coatings, spread-coatings, impregnation and their combinations. We apply rubber compounds, PVC, PU, TPE and silicones to cotton, polyester, polyamide and other types of special fabrics. Waterproofing, air tightness, fireproofing, resistance to chemicals and UV radiation, antistatic and electrically conductive properties are just a select few of the possible treatments that can be applied especially to products in the textile and furniture industry, food industry, transport applications or construction.


Innovations lead to growth and success for both ourselves and our partners. Their effective application requires a clear understanding of what a customer needs, consumer expectations, and market trends. Innovations require the support of the entire Group – a willingness to make every effort, and a readiness to invest resources for their implementation.

We are confident that the new state-of-the-art pilot technologies and testing facilities will move us even further forward. That's why we have invested in a new development centre. We want our R&D team to be the first choice for our customers. That's our way.

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