Inflatable Boats

We are the largest producer of rubber inflatable boats in the world

Our production is eco-friendly: products are made from natural rubber, are phthalate- and PVC-free

We control the entire process, from the material used right up to the packaging process

Our production is a combination of modern technologies and precise handcraft

We offer innovative solutions, uncompromised quality, excellent service

Our boats are easily stored: pack it in the trunk of your car or check it in as baggage on the plane


The best purchase is directly at the source, which is why we have an innovative and constantly updated online shop Apart from the fact that you can buy all our products and their important accessories here, you will find all the necessary and important information about the individual boats, gadgets, advice, service information or contact details for colleagues who are ready to answer any questions you may have.


Stability, safety, easy handling, compact size and packaging for transport on the road are the main reasons why GUMOTEX kayaks are so popular around the globe. The perfect solution for relaxing on the calm waters of a lake or on the rippled surface of a sea bay as well as for fans of wilder rivers.


Planning a weekend boating trip with a family and friends or looking for wild water adrenaline? Our canoes guarantee a perfect experience for both scenarios. Beginners appreciate the size allowing comfortable navigation for larger crews as well as the boat’s excellent stability. Adrenaline seekers are thrilled by the canoe’s durability and easy navigation in tricky situations.


A roaring current, foaming rapids, traps lurking everywhere along the river, the hard work of the entire crew. Anyone who enjoys this sport knows that a good-quality boat is a must. GUMOTEX rafts are known for their robust and durable construction, self-bailing capability, and perfectly designed safety features. Simply put, they are the boats for champions.

Fishing boats

A wide selection of recreational and professional fishing boats satisfying even the most demanding enthusiast. Our boats are easy to transport, quick to set up and offer plenty of space for the crew and their equipment. Fishermen appreciate the comfortable seats, the boat’s stability when still, as well as the sophisticated system of rod holders.

Our innovation is a sign of things to come.

We manage our own research and development; we can experiment with materials and design, and explore new avenues. We want to keep producing better and better boats for you and offer you new useful features and solutions. We are doing everything possible to make our boats more enjoyable for you.

Our patented drop-stitch solution

We have connected our years-proven NITRILON® with drop-stitch material. We followed the path of innovation and respect for ecology and nature. Our drop-stitch solution is about rubber, we simply say "NO" to PVC! We combine proven air cylinders with the benefits of drop-stitch technology. Our material has 9 layers, is durable, easy to repair, easy to collapse. There are ideas we can rightly be proud of.
And believe me, we are!

Our ambassadors

Petr Jan Juračka

Photographer, traveler, filmmaker and professor at Charles University in Prague. He was born in 1985 with a significant visual impairment. Physicians were preparing his parents for the possibility that he would eventually go completely blind. Fortunately, that did not happen, and today he can fully devote his time to photography. At the Faculty of Science, Charles University, Petr takes pictures using light and electron microscopes, wirelessly controlled flashes and time-lapse technologies. In addition to this work, he also fell in love with drones and their filming capabilities. You can see him in the Czech documentary “Srdcaři na severu”, where he presents our revolutionary THAYA kayak.

Josef Dostál

Sprint kayaker, multiple world champion, silver medalist at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de
Janeiro, and a diligent university student. As a child, he preferred sprinting against the ducks on the
local pond as opposed to strict paddle training. He got used to the hard drill over time; with age he achieved constantly better results, and the canoe started to grow on him. Under the guidance of coach Karel Leština, he ranked among the best canoeists in the world. He doesn’t break records on GUMOTEX
canoes, but rather spends his free time in them. As a passionate fisherman, he uses our fishing kayaks when he’s out for the catch. With Josef being more than two meters tall, it’s a clear testament to the quality of our work.

Hynek Hampl

Hynek is a photographer, traveler and travel influencer living in Prague. His main work revolves around social media marketing campaigns and strategies, especially on Instagram. He actively publishes, lectures and organizes professional workshops related to the effective use of social media in marketing. He is also an avid traveler, great photographer and travel influencer. And what does he say about his job? “Beautiful scenery, solitude and the perfect snapshot. Actually, a bunch of other instagramers stand in line behind the travel influencer, longing for that same picture. That’s one way Instagram changed travelling.”

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