Special Products

Personal Protective Clothing (SUNIT)

Safety is a key factor for anyone who has anything to do with chemicals, special or hazardous substances. The SUNIT special protective chemical suit, with a protective equipment rating of OOP III, is designed for chemical operations and intervention units. The material used in making the suit comes from our own proven production process, is resistant to a whole range of substances and changes occurring up to 80 °C. The suits are custom-made.

Inflatable Rescue Platform

Rescuing a drowning person from a frozen area is one of the most demanding interventions. The safety of the rescuer, as well as the speed and efficiency of the entire process are all essential for success. At a time when seconds count, the most universal rescue device finds an application – an inflatable rescue platform, which is ready to be used in less than a minute after connecting it to a pressure cylinder.

Open and Closed Tanks

Do you need a mobile collapsible self-supporting tank able to hold up to 25 000 liters? We’ve got it. By connecting tanks and pumps, the issue of supplying water to remote areas is easily resolved. Contaminated grey water can be collected in closed tanks before it is professionally disposed or treated.

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