Inflatable Tents and Halls

GTX Tents

The classically bonded tent structure with a two-chamber system ensures good quality for professional and long-term use. We manufacture formats ranging in size from 10 to 50 m². Thanks to the low weight and compact dimensions of the collapsed and packaged tents, they are easy to transport. We offer a wide range of surface colors typical for every emergency response team or the military. We also supply complete accessory packages – heating, air conditioning, lighting, insulation, integration.


Tents with a welded PVC structure are designed to withstand the most demanding of conditions when in use. We have made major improvements to the SMART line: easily replaceable parts of the structure, removable front and rear walls, a removable floor, or a system of directly integrating the tents into one unit. Dimensions ranging from 15 to 55m² give the necessary space for all types of interventions, accommodation, or the establishment of a command post.

Military Tents

In cooperation with military units, we have developed extremely durable tents able to withstand the most demanding climatic conditions. We manufacture tents with a useable floor area of 25-40m² , they can be interconnected and include a wide range of accessories: electrical installation, sun shade, insulation or a hygienic insert. We are constantly innovating our excellent quality standards. Our portfolio also includes special tents that can be connected to combat vehicles, serving as an extension for military units.


Tents part of the COMFY line are designed for short interventions with speedy set-up and take-down as the key requirements. They have all the important characteristics: ready in a few minutes, a floor area of 16 or 25m², offer coverage in the event of a strike, are light, durable, have small transport dimensions and can be built in a matter of minutes with the help of a hand pump. These tents are popular especially with volunteer fire brigades as the most suitable alternative to scissor tents.

Multifunctional Halls

Thanks to the great work of our R&D team, we are able to offer a large-format inflatable tent. It is a modular version of a tent with a variable usable floor area base ranging from 80 to 225m² . The area can be further increased using center modules. The product is used by fire brigades as well as the military for back-up hospital bed capacities in case of emergencies. It can also serve as a back-up garage, repair shop, dining and accommodation facility.

Special Projects

Thanks to our own R&D center and manufacturing capacities for materials used to make the tents, we are able to respond to individual customer requests. A combination of our long-term experience and specific customer requests create a completely unique and high-quality product.

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