Rescue Systems

Our products help all emergency services in saving lives and protecting well-being and property

Emergency services and military units appreciate fast and flexible installation

The sophisticated construction and materials used in combination with excellent production are a guarantee of quality and reliability.

The wide range of variability and types allows our products to be used on the front lines and as supply stations.

Thanks to our experienced team, high-quality materials and verified components, we know exactly when and how to mix gluing, stitching and welding technologies.

Years of experiences, our own R&D center, and modern technologies are all at our disposal to tackle individual projects.

Inflatable Tents and Halls

We design and manufacture mobile facilities for emergency services, military units, as well as multi-purpose storage and accommodation options. Our production capabilities allow us to offer flexibility in customized customer requests, ranging from a firefighting command post to a tent city. A product’s installation mobility, speed and comfort give emergency services the fast and effective support, as well as the flexibility to use the product in health care and industrial sectors.  

Decontamination Showers and Tents

Our products are ideal for cases where a mobile decontamination station is needed by rescue services and military anti-chemical units when dealing with CBRN accidents. The product is mainly used for cleaning and decontaminating individual or groups of responders and their equipment. Easy to transport, fast and flexible setup, durability and reliability – those are the reasons why our solutions are so popular. 

Flood Barriers

Our flood barriers provide an effective and fast solution for the protection of people and property against floods and storm surges. We offer two options – cylindrical or steel framings. Both can be installed on various surfaces. The barriers are filled with water; using the “water against water” principle. They offer easy transport, setup and storage, not forgetting, of course, repeated use.

Special Products

We manufacture special chemical protective suits (Sunit) designed to protect responders when cleaning up acid and alkaline chemical accidents, portable tanks used to retain contaminated or process water, and various types of transport bags for shipping and storing equipment in extreme conditions, made in standard and airtight versions.

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